Marketing October 10, 2017

Perk Up Your Home’s Exterior With a Splash of Green

If our recent profile of homes with bold blue accents wasn’t your speed, this week we take a look at houses that sport a splash of green. Whether you choose a softer, more neutral shade that picks up hues in your landscape or you go for a bright hue, first consider the following examples of how to work in a green accent to the exterior, along with paint color palettes to try out on your own home.

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Green Exterior 1: Jason Snyder, original photo on Houzz


This dazzling tropical green would be a bit much for the entire house, but when it’s used in smaller bits and paired with a couple of milder neutrals, it’s fun and vibrant without going overboard.

For a similar palette, try: Storm Cloud with trim in Ice Cube and an accent of Leapfrog, all from Sherwin-Williams.


Green Exterior 2: Peter Zimmerman Architects, original photo on Houzz


If it’s a softer shade you’re after, look at shades that have a good bit of gray or brown in them, which helps neutralize them. The herbaceous green used for the shutters here is a nice accent color. It doesn’t fight with the architecture or landscaping, but rather ties everything together.

For a similar palette, try: Belvedere Cream with trim in Swan Wing and an accent of Athenian Green, all from Behr.


Green Exterior 3: Design Living Studio, original photo on Houzz


Lovers of vivid color may want to give amped-up lime a go. Nobody will miss your front door if it’s painted this zesty hue. The chunk of dark blue-gray and expanse of clean white perfectly balance the bit of bold at the door.

For a similar palette, try: White Diamond with accents of Westcott Navy and Electric Slide, all from Benjamin Moore.


Green Exterior 4: Brandon Construction Co Inc, original photo on Houzz


Salute the summer sun by painting your home a happy yellow. White trim adds crispness and doesn’t distract your attention from the fun olive accent color.

For a similar palette, try: Chapel Wall with trim in Cloud White and an accent of Thai Basil, all from Kelly-Moore.


Green Exterior 5: Trapolin-Peer Architects, original photo on Houzz


If you’re struggling with selecting a color palette for the exterior, take a look at the hardscape elements on or around your home, such as stone pavers, and pull some colors you like from them.

A soft tan or taupe is a popular, tried-and-true exterior color that happens to make a terrific background hue to a more unusual accent color, such as this deep, elegant shade.

For a similar palette, try: Whiskers with trim in Gray Palomino and an accent of Smoky Emerald, all from PPG Pittsburgh Paints.

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Green Exterior 6: Johnston Architects, original photo on Houzz


Bold, contemporary architecture deserves an equally bold and contemporary color palette. Take it to the limit with an extra-vibrant shade. The small sliver of black trim is striking against the gray and green, and it helps define the different elements on the home’s exterior.

For a similar palette, try: Vessel Gray with trim in Very Black and an accent of Mountain Botanical, all from Valspar.

By Jennifer Ott, Houzz