Marketing January 28, 2016

7 Home Staging Techniques

bedroom-410633-2Staging your home when you sell it can make the difference between the potential buyer finding "your" home attractive, or loving "their" future home.  Many people hire professional staging companies, but that can be a little expensive for some.  Instead, read these tips to best stage your own home, to make your selling experience as quick and profitable as possible!

Many times, you can use your existing furniture and decor, and update the look with a few accent pieces like new lamp shades or colorful pillows.  Tuck away anything personal, like family photos or artwork with faces in the picture, to keep the buyer's focus and attention on envisioning themselves in the home instead of seeing it as yours.  Whether you choose to hire professionals to stage the home, or do it yourself, staging it to best show off its assets and unique qualities will help you be a winner in making the sale!

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