Marketing January 21, 2016

Fireplace Safety

unnamedHow safe is your fireplace?  With winter upon us, and rainy, cold weather making heating costs rise, many people turn to their fireplaces or wood stoves for inexpensive and welcoming warmth.  Nothing beats the sight, sound and feel of a lovely, crackling fire!  If you live in a wooded area, and can cut and store your own supply of wood, the cost for this heating method is much lower than gas, oil or electricity!

Owning a fireplace or wood stove in your home can not only lower your heating costs in the winter time, but also add value and appeal to your home when buying or selling.  However, there are things you need to know and do, to keep your fireplace or wood stove in good working order and safe for those who live in the home.  Make sure you maintain your chimney and heating source with annual cleanings, either by a professional or doing it yourself — after doing your research, of course. Here's a helpful article to get you started:


Happy winter, and may your season be warm!