Marketing December 17, 2015

Winter Threats to Your Home

This time of year our thoughts tend to focus on family, holidays, parties and presents.  Who would think that we should also be thinking about threats to our home?  Preparing for the cold weather may seem like something you don't have to worry about every year, but Winter is when many things rear their ugly heads.  We think about the obvious: cleaning the gutters, changing the air filter, stocking up on wood for the wood stove, decorating for the holidays — but what about the silent threats to your home?

Mold, pests, old windows, leaky plumbing & toilets, as well as carbon monoxide: all these are sources of issues that affect your home's efficiency, health & structure soundness.  These threats are things that most people don't think of on an everyday basis, yet they can mean the difference between a warm, healthy, cost-efficient home and a nightmare!  A good home inspection every 5-10 years can keep your home in great shape and keep these silent threats to a minimum.    

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