Marketing November 19, 2015

Secret Weapons for Cleaning & Organizing

Soon the holidays will arrive – and our cleaning and organizing frenzy begins!  What if it didn't have to be a frenzy?  What if you could clean and organize before the holidays so your time could be better spent enjoying them?  While everyone has their own level of cleaning, organizing and maintaining their home's interior, these tips can help anyone become a little more tidy.  I can't think of anyone who couldn't benefit from even just a few of these great ideas! 
Start by figuring out what really needs to be kept, and what can be thrown away, sold or donated.  Since the weather is turning colder and carries more rain, most anything you don't need may be better served being donated or thrown away.  Garage sales this time of year are not usually as profitable as they were in early Autumn.  Besides, if you donate, you can write off the value as a charitable gift on your taxes! 
Cleaning and organizing helps us realize just how much room we truly need for our living space.  If you find yourself with too much or too little living space and want to change up your life via a new home, please give me a call!