Marketing October 29, 2015

Home Staging Tips

Hello everyone, & Happy Fall!  This season brings visions of warm fires, colorful leaves, crisp mornings & warm days.  Planning ahead can make all the difference in whether you are too cold or too warm when it comes to Autumn.  It can also make the difference in selling your home.  Many people hire professionals to assist them with Home Staging: ways to make your home more appealing to a potential buyer.  However, what if you just don't have the funds to spend $8000 on a professional Home Stager?  
Many people are highly sentimental when it comes to their home's look, and really struggle with remembering to emotionally detach themselves when in the process of selling their home.  Family photos, mementos, our pets, remind us of the love & joy we've shared in our home, but they may present a completely different picture to potential home purchasers.  When selling your home, you want to show it to its full potential.  Present it as a future ideal of what the buyers would like it to be, not what you would like it to be.  
Being able to distance ourselves, even just a little, can mean the difference between a house on the market, and a dream home that must be had!  Your home will always be special to you, for so many reasons, but to sell it you must create a different environment than perhaps you would prefer.  
Remember, it's all about getting the most possible for your home, in the least amount of time.  Many people are looking for what your home can become for them & their family.  Finding a way for them to see themselves in your space will make both you & the buyer's dreams come true!
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