Marketing September 3, 2015

Patio Paver Ideas

With Summer fast nearing its end, and school about to start, there's still time to have a few more backyard patio BBQs and enjoy the longer days and warm nights.  "But I have no place to have a BBQ", you say?  You don't need a fancy poured concrete patio or deck to have a great place to hold your gathering.  Using pavers and pea gravel or walkable moss can create a quick (and fairly painless) patio in as little as a weekend, just in time for Labor Day!

You can create your own, custom pavers with concrete and specialized molds, or stop by one of the many home improvement stores and select from their ready to use stock.  Either way, you can create an outside entertainment area that is perfect for you and your hosted events.  These low maintenance ideas will weather the long, cold seasons to come, and rise up ready to go when the weather becomes BBQ-friendly again.  

In the meantime, if you are looking for a new home or to sell your existing one, please don't hesitate to call me.  I'm always ready to help.