Marketing June 4, 2015

Closing Costs, Origination Fees, APR and Points…


To many, buying or selling a home is a new experience and can often range from confusing to downright overwhelming.   Having an experienced agent to help you is invaluable, but it's also wise to know a little bit about the process yourself.  What do all those words and phrases mean?  Things like "points", "APR", "closing costs" and "origination fees", unless you've done your research, can be as clear as mud when an agent mentions them. 
Click on the image below and you'll find a great article describing some of these terms which will hopefully allow you to feel just a little less lost, once you find your dream home, and a little more confident that you will not only obtain your dream, but also keep it from becoming a nightmare.  Have an amazing week and please be sure to contact me if there's anything more I can do for you!

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