Marketing April 9, 2015

Taxes – Are You Off the Hook?

Well, here it is, tax time again.  Do you owe taxes?  Are you one of the lucky ones who will receive a refund this year?  Tax time can be a time of celebration or a time of dread, depending on your filing situation.  
Many have already filed & received their refunds.  Those who owe are most likely waiting until the last minute to file, and trying to keep their money for as long as legally possible.  For those who haven't done their taxes yet, or are even wondering if they should file, here's a guide to see if you fall under those who don't need to.  
Whatever your filing situation, may this tax season bring you peace, patience and possibilities in a time of frustration, fatigue and fussing!  
Here's a Helpful Tip: If you own a home, and you spend money on energy efficient heating/cooling costs (including wood pellets). You may qualify for a special tax deduction. Ask your CPA for details.