Marketing February 19, 2015

3 Random Things You Can Expect While Buying A Home

It isn't hard to imagine a variety the feelings you'll experience when you're looking at houses. As a #Buyer, you'll start to judge each and every property from the minute you get a copy of the listing, and even while you make the trip to do your first walk through. You're brain is already assuming and planning. What we don't tend to expect can catch us off gaurd and really influence the process. Here are 3 random things that most people don't realize they will experience while buying a home:  

Smells, both good and bad. It's true, you will encounter smells that either leave you with a desperate motivation to leave the premisis, or thoroughly invite you in – a welcoming (if planned) fragrance. You may ask yourself: So, where are all the cats? Or maybe you think: Oh, I love that faint scent of vanilla ice cream! Whatever the case may be, please try to considerate of your own unexpected reaction. This is likely somebody's home, and with modern day camera technology…you never know who's watching.

Indecision. Most buyers have a pretty good idea of the type of home and property their looking for. Unfortunately you will experience much indecision about making an offer while encountering properties that are "so close" to what you want. You don't want to settle, but you don't know if you'll find your "perfect 10" either. A good rule of thumb (especially if you've been looking for a while) make a top 10 list, and seriously consider the homes that meet at least 8 of your top 10 criteria.  

Mental Money Spending. Sometimes our minds start crafting ways to get ALL the things we want whether the situation is ideal or not. There is a lot to #BuyingRealEstate. We're calculating variables in financing, logistics, amenities, competition, etc. and sometimes those variables don't paint a clear picture of your future. As you walk through the home, your brain may start to engage in spending money to make the home perfect for your needs. Material upgrades, remodels, fun/necessary additions to the floor plan, landscaping – you're dreaming up a property different than what you see. This is not necessarily a bad thing, so long as you remember those things come with a price tag too. If you add what you're mentally spending to the price of the home, you may find that you should have started looking at homes in another price bracket.