Marketing February 6, 2015

Heart Shaped Candy & Home Ownership!

Are you wondering about creative ways to get your offer to stand out in front of a Seller? Right now, in Southern Oregon, pickings are slim. Inventory in our local housing market is low, and it's truly at the Seller's advantage. What does this mean for you, the Buyer? That you have steep competition, getting your offer accepted. Here's and article that may help you think of even more creative ways to get the Seller to notice you, and your unique 'buying a home' story. And if you'd like additional help, just send me a message. Enjoy!

Love Letters: How to set yourself apart in a seller’s market

Posted in Buying by Tara Sharp 

Love letters are a lost art form, in romance and home buying. Yes, home buying. If you’re a buyer and you want to set yourself apart from other buyers, you might want to state your intentions clearly by declaring your abiding love for the seller’s home in a letter. Here are a few tips for writing a love letter that works (for love letters of a romantic nature, you’re on your own).

Consider what about the home makes it your dream home. Do you see yourself raising a family there? Do you have a special attraction to the architectural/design style? Does the home evoke a sense of nostalgia? Consider your emotional reaction to the home. Many sellers are emotionally tied to their homes, and they often want others to see value in the things that make the home appealing and unique.

Share your home-buying journey. Whether you’re buying your first home, upgrading to something larger, or seeking a place for retirement, those personal stories can help a seller empathize with you.

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