Marketing October 30, 2014

Homeowner’s Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween. Do you have a plan? Many people enjoy Halloween, but a night of magic can often be ruined by those who are ignorant of holiday etiquette. Here's a bit of information that could be useful entitled "Halloween Etiquette" by Susan DeMay at the Mid-America School of Etiquette: 

Tips for the Homeowner

  • If you are participating in the Halloween festivities, be sure to keep your house, walk and entryway as lit as possible.  When you are done for the evening, make it obvious to others by turning off outside lights and dimming down or turning off front facing rooms in your home.
  • Keep all decorations and electrical wires off of walkways to prevent accidents.
  • Try to anticipate the volume of trick-or-treaters so you will have enough treats on hand.
  • When buying treats, keep in mind that many people have food allergies.  Nuts are one of the big offenders – especially peanuts.  Try to pick items most can enjoy.
  • Don’t bother making your own treats to pass out.  They will most likely be thrown away.
  • If you are joining in on the fun and wearing a costume, be considerate of small children that may easily be frightened.  You don’t want to spoil the event by terrifying a tot.
  • Don’t wear a costume that may be offensive to others, i.e., sexually, racially, politically, religiously, etc.  Always use good taste and judgment.

And after enjoying your treats, don’t forget to brush!

 Happy Halloween                                                                                                                                                           



To read the entire article, and Susan's "Tips for the Trick-or-Treater" click here.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!