Marketing September 25, 2014

Great Idea, Mom! Genius Home Cleanup

How did Mom do it?!? The laundry, the dishes, the bathroom, the garage… all modern day cleaning nightmares when you consider that the average household must have at least two people employed/working most of the time. By the end of the day, you're exhausted having to just step over the clutter until Saturday… when you're freed up to deal with the issue under foot. If it isn't the "too busy, too exhausted" scenario you may need my help to move into a home large enough to house your treasures. But if it IS, simply a matter of getting around to it…check out these amazing organizational ideas:

Having Trouble Staying On Top Of The Clutter?

Posted in Living by Sarah Blazevic 

When a home gets unorganized and cluttered it can feel like an overwhelming task to clean it back up. But with the following tips and storage ideas, you can organize your home—and keep it  that way. 

Sort through your stuff

The first step to getting organized is to get rid of clutter and unnecessary things. Start by going through one room or closet at a time, sort everything into three groups: keep, maybe, and toss. Keep items in the “maybe” group in a basket, and then once every few months or so go through it and decide if they are worth keeping. It’s easier to judge if you need to keep something once it has been out of sight for a while. Chances are if you haven’t thought about those items  or used them after a few months, you don’t need them anymore. Items you’ve decided to toss can be recycled, thrown away, donated to charity, or sold in a garage sale or online. Items you’ve decided to keep should all have a place in your home where they belong. There are a plethora of great storage solutions available to help you organize these items in a way that makes sense for your home.

Look for unused spaces

Think of spaces that you aren’t making the most of in your home. Chances are there are a lot of hidden areas that you wouldn’t think to store things in. For example: the space next to the refrigerator could be a great pull-out spice rack or canned good storage. In the garage, consider storing things in boxes on the ceiling. Awkward nooks in walls can become desks or shelving units.

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