Marketing August 7, 2014

Timing – Assisted Living

About this time last year, a great article came out about Assisted Living, focusing on how to determin if it's an option you might consider for your loved ones. Here's a preview of the article by Regina Madiera-Gorden:

Is Assisted Living Right for Your Aging Loved Ones?


Making a decision about whether assisted living is right for your loved ones is one of the hardest decisions we face today. Over the years I have worked with many adult children and their parents as they prepare to make the decision about when the parents should sell their family home.

I have learned that fully assessing the situation and communicating openly with your parents is the best way to begin. I advise my clients to go through the following questions as they weigh this difficult decision.




Sometimes we think we'll get around to looking into some of these things, only to find that our lives have gotten busy again. If this is a good reminder for you, you can continue reading the article by clicking this link!