Marketing September 17, 2015

Seeing Your Home with Different Eyes

Selling your home is sometimes like giving away a cherished pet.  We love it the way it is, and expect anyone who gets our home to be as lucky as we were.  However, sometimes, because we have so many good memories in our home, we forget that this only adds value to the home for us. Others who don't share those memories won't see the sentimental value, and won't see it's value like we do.  

The trick in selling a home is to be able to see past the sentimental value of our home, and see it as a new home-buyer would.  Can we see the peeling paint, not as character & charm, but as potential issues with the home's upkeep?  Can we see the marks on the door-frame not as charts of our children's growth spurts, but as a need for a new coat of paint?  Do we see that quaint little wash room as the place we washed our little one's dirty hands after playing, or as a tiny, dingy bathroom needing extra room or an upgrade?

The way we see our home may not be as others will see it.  To successfully sell your home for what you feel it's worth, you need to be able to see it from the view of the buyer.  Here are some ideas as to what will elevate your home's value in the eyes of the buyer.  If you need any assistance selling your home, please contact me.