Marketing January 7, 2016

Avoiding Building Code Violations in DIY Projects

unnamedMany people believe that DIY projects are the best way to save money — and they can be.  However, trying to cut corners in certain areas could actually wind up costing you much, much more.  It's fine to do things yourself most of the time, as long as you know what you're doing.  Some projects are better left to the professionals, not only because they are experts in what they do, but also because they know about all the rules and regulations involved in home improvement.

Do your research before you take on any major home improvement projects involving electrical wiring, home additions, or any other project in need of permits.  Do any of your projects require the work to be done by a licensed professional?  Do you know if any walls you are considering taking down are weight-bearing?  The recommendation is that you should at least speak to a professional before making any major changes.  After doing your research, making sure you have all tools and materials you need, and getting any permits required, you can move forward with your DIY project confident that it will not only save you money on labor, but not cost you more in other ways later.  

CLICK HERE for some building codes you should read up on to make sure you don't break!