Marketing July 16, 2015

Empty Nests – Another Stage of Home Ownership












As we grow older, and our children grow up & out of the house, we often find the idea of maintaining our family home a daunting prospect without the assistance of all that "free labor".  While our family homes are filled with memories and emotion, it can often become a burden as well. Let's say you want to travel some, now that you have all this free time!  Who will take care of the yard, the pets, and keep your home safe?  While not everyone wants to downsize after the kids leave, many "Boomers" just want a place that better fits their changing financial and physical needs.  


Perhaps you want to buy a smaller home with a little less "kid friendly" features but more "style" features you were afraid to have in your earlier days.  Perhaps you want to rent your larger home out and have it as an investment when you retire.  Perhaps you want to sell it altogether and travel the U.S. in your RV!  Whatever your needs or dreams, we can help you!  Call now to set up an appointment with me to talk about your "empty nest" future.  It's time to fly!

Here's a great link to share with anyone you may know, that's dealing with an empty house: