Marketing May 7, 2015

House, Home and Mom!


Happy Mother's Day to all biological, adopted & just plain wonderful people who serve as Mothers to those around them!  Whether our mother is still on this earth or not, we are grateful, especially now, for those who gave us life, and shared of their lives to make us who we are today.  No, we don't need a special day to show them how much we care, but isn't it nice that at least once a year the entire nation takes a moment to honor them?  Make time today & every day to say, thank you, I love you & I wouldn't be who I am right now without you.  A house wouldn't be home without them.
Whether you're purchasing a starter home, a haven for your growing needs or downsizing once the nest is empty, we can help you find what you need & dream about in this ever changing economy.  How do you decide what type of home loan you need?  I've attached a recent article that may help you decide the best term home loan for your family's needs.  Click the link or the image below to view it, have a great week!
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